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ProTerra 5th International
Non-GMO Soy Conference

12 May 2020 | Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Below you find the global programme of the conference. As soon as we have more information we will update this on the website. If you are registered, we will also send you an e-mail with this information.

  • Tanja Busse, moderator
  • Emese Brosz, ProTerra Foundation
  • IDH: Daan Wensing
    Report on sustainable imports: where do we stand today
  • Alexander Hissting
    Non-GMO trends
  • FoodChain ID: Konstantin Rizos
    GMO analytic, new GMOs (rapeseed, soy etc), analytical requirements, unified sampling
  • TBD; Synthetic food; will it help us to improve environmental impact
  • Future Proof Shipping: Marjon Castelijns
    Examples and trends to reduce emissions in water transport
  • Fernando Naulaff
    Influence of geopolitics and connected risks on raw material supply chains?
  • Barry Callebaut: Sabine Fortmann
    CSR and sustainability in B2B, challenges with soy.
  • Role of Livestock in sustainability: emotional or a scientific discussion?
    Moderated by Jean-Louis Peyraud from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, Paris (INRA)
  • Role and future of the standards, their role within the supply chains and how they can contribute to create responsible and scalable food supply chains?
    Moderated by Heleen van den Hombergh from IUCN, the Netherlands
  • What is the role of trust in creating supply chains and developing sustainability?
    Moderated by Martin Horwitz from Amfori, Sweden